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About Us

The Best in Kansas City Irrigation for 20 years.

20 Years Of Experience

Whether troubleshooting stubborn irrigation challenges or upgrading systems with industry-leading components, one thing is for certain: listening to the customer and delivering world-class personal service is paramount.

For the past two decades, KC Sprinkler Pros has always put its customer’s needs first. This is the essential first step in designing and installing quality high-efficiency residential and commercial irrigation systems that meet and exceed customer expectations, both now, and in the long term.

Commitment To Service

Thanks to KC Sprinkler Pros commitment to providing the absolute best service for all clients, our team has become the metro’s leading experts in the adoption of new irrigation technology. From two-wire commercial irrigation systems to more traditional multi-wire residential systems and automated wi-fi control systems, the Sprinkler Pros have technology covered.

And, with the expertise to repair and upgrade previously installed systems, as well as the know-how to upgrade two-wire systems to accommodate more zones, or even replace dated components for water-conserving alternatives, it’s no wonder KC Sprinkler Pros is the go-to solution for even the most complex system installs and repairs.

No Matter How Big or How Small

KC Sprinkler Pros is Ready!

No matter how big or how small your irrigation project, KC Sprinkler Pros is ready to create a custom irrigation system solution designed to meet your property’s precise watering needs. When it comes to service, rest assured, KC Sprinkler Pro customers can be confident they’ll receive individual attention, get complete answers to each and every question about their system – and know the job is not complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.

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