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Having a lush, healthy yard is on many homeowners’ bucket lists, but lawn and landscape maintenance is no easy task. Watering is a laborious task that requires time and energy several days a week (often most every day during the summer) and even then the problem of over- and under-watering looms large as remembering to move – or shut off – the sprinkler during the watering process can be a challenge.  Keep reading below for Kansas City Sprinkler Pros’ top benefits of installing an underground irrigation system at your home!


Advanced sprinkler spray heads deliver water in patterns that allow soil (and ultimately plant roots) to absorb water more efficiently.

Water Conservation Saves on Water Bills

Installing an automated sprinkler system is one of the best ways to significantly reduce the amount of water wasted on your lawn. When manually watering, it’s nearly impossible to apply the exact amount needed in a specific area. Most either overwater, which leads to excess water becoming runoff, or underwater, which leads to patchy dry spots that are inevitably overwatered once noticed.

Today’s sprinkler systems come with the ability to track weather conditions and moisture levels and then calculate the exact amount of water necessary to perfectly water your grass and plantings. Cutting back water usage is not only good for the planet, but good for your wallet in the form of cheaper water bills.

Time-Saving – Get Your Weekends Back

Finding time for lawn care can be challenging. Hand-watering  – dragging hoses and sprinklers around the yard – is not only time-consuming but also physically demanding.

With an automated sprinkler system installed, all the time previously spent watering the lawn is now yours again! After initial installation, trained irrigation professionals will program your system to follow a set schedule based on the needs of your property and season – while weather sensors keep track of current weather conditions, automatically shutting the system down if rain is expected or if it’s excessively windy. There are also a number of advanced wi-fi-enabled controllers available that allow control of nearly every aspect of your sprinkler system directly from your mobile device!

Each sprinkler head is calibrated to only spray where necessary, avoiding hardscaped areas or neighboring properties.

Uniform Irrigation Coverage Leads to a Carpet of Green

Typical sprinklers deliver uneven water coverage, resulting in some property areas receiving too much water while others remain nearly dry. This inconsistency can lead to patchy, unhealthy growth in your lawn and garden areas. The lack of precision and control results in water waste through overwatering –or by accidentally watering places that don’t need it, like your driveway, sidewalk, or street.

Underground automated systems are designed to bring the proper amount of hydration to the entire property. Upon planning your system, the irrigation installation professionals divide your lawn up into watering zones. Each zone is then fitted with the number of sprinkler heads needed to evenly cover that specific area and deliver water with efficiency – taking into consideration factors like sun exposure, plant variety, yard slope, and soil types.

Long-Term Savings

Irrigation systems help save money. For starters, consistently using less water each month results in lower water bills. Secondly, when grass and plantings receive the specific amount of water needed, they require less maintenance. Grass and other landscape plantings are expensive to replace, another reason an automated watering system to protect them is a smart investment. Finally, since most of us sell our homes at some point, having a professionally installed sprinkler system makes your property that much more marketable and valuable!


Ready to learn more about adding a professionally designed and installed automated sprinkler system to your property? Call the Kansas City Sprinkler Pros or send a message online to schedule a free consultation!