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When it comes to maintaining the health and appearance of landscaping for large commercial properties, irrigation is a crucial component. The landscaping work itself is a large investment for any business and it serves many purposes, such as creating a good first impression, increasing both customer and employee experience, boosting property value, and more. To save your business from repeatedly needing to replace dying plants or re-sod grassy spaces, investing in a quality irrigation system is a must.


Traditional system controllers have a limited number of zones available, typically 6-9, meaning you will need to have multiple controllers if you need more zones.

Two-Wire or Traditional?

For irrigation projects that require upwards of 20 zones, the most cost-efficient option is often a two-wire system. In a two-wire irrigation system, a single pair of wires essentially turns the entire system into a loop, connecting all the valves together in a daisy chain. The two-wire system can have hundreds of individual sprinklers connected to it, allowing irrigation designers to build in as many zones as necessary to adequately hydrate an entire property. With a traditional system, each zone is connected directly to the controller, requiring more wiring and trenching to install.

Flexibility in modification abilities is handy for properties like golf courses, residential communities, parks, campuses, and more.

A two-wire system is especially convenient for large commercial properties that may need additions or an adjusted configuration in the future. Quality two-wire systems are durable – lasting upwards of 20 years with proper care and maintenance. And, chances are, your property’s watering needs may change or expand over that period of time. Adding new zones to a two-wire system is relatively easy and can be installed anywhere along the irrigation system network.

Just like traditional irrigation systems, two-wire systems can be outfitted with soil moisture and weather-based sensors to automatically make water-saving adjustments based on rainfall or lack thereof. Control of the system can even be handled remotely with a wi-fi-enabled control system, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The irrigation professionals at KC Sprinkler Pros also offer commercial irrigation clients the option of Smart Sprinkler Management, remotely adjusting schedules for the season.

Two-wire systems have fewer points of failure, meaning they generally require less maintenance and repairs over time. They’re also a low-voltage watering solution, saving money on energy bills.

Kansas City’s Leading Two-Wire Team

Finding experienced irrigation contractors with the know-how to manage commercial two-wire sprinkler systems can be difficult. KC Sprinkler Pros has led the Kansas City metro in two-wire installations, repairs, and upgrades for the past 20 years.

New two-wire systems designed and installed by the KC Sprinkler Pros are custom-built to fit the exact watering needs of your property – and also allow the flexibility for later expansions. KC Sprinkler Pros uses only the most reliable, high-efficiency irrigation products from industry leaders like Hunter and Rainbird. And, for even greater peace of mind, the Sprinkler Pros include a 3-year warranty on new system installations – so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a solid investment for your business.

Curious if a two-wire sprinkler system from the KC Sprinkler Pros is the right choice for your commercial property? Call today at (816) 703-9760 or send an online message!