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Commercial Irrigation

The Best in Kansas City Commercial Irrigation for 20 years.

Kansas City’s Best Commercial Irrigation Services

From installation to repairs, upgrades, and maintenance, the KC Sprinkler Pros team has been providing the best commercial irrigation services for businesses across the Kansas City metro for nearly 20 years.

Keep your business’s landscaping properly hydrated while saving time, money, and water with a high-efficiency system designed, installed, and maintained by the irrigation experts at KC Sprinkler Pros!

Commercial Services


KC Sprinkler Pros will work with you to determine whether a traditional or two-wire/decoder system will best fit your property’s watering needs. The team’s knack for designing high-efficiency systems comes from years of experience and a commitment to providing customers with reliable irrigation systems they can trust to keep their landscaping in peak condition.

All systems installed by KC Sprinkler Pros are built with industry-leading components for the most accurate and dependable watering capabilities. The specialists recommend that all clients utilize smart controllers with their new systems, as these innovative products further help reduce waste by monitoring environmental conditions, as well as providing real-time leak and malfunction detection.

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No matter the age, size, and type of irrigation system, KC Sprinkler Pros is your go-to team for any and all repairs. When sprinkler systems break down, your landscaping suffers and your water bills skyrocket. Call KC Sprinkler Pros and they’ll have your system in optimal condition in no time.

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Component replacement
  • Line leaks
  • Controller malfunctions
  • Backflow repairs
  • System pressure adjustments
  • And more!


Without consistent maintenance, irrigation components wear down and are more suspectable to serious damage. Schedule a maintenance check with the KC Sprinkler Pros to ensure your irrigation system’s success for many years to come. The Pros can perform maintenance services on all types of irrigation systems, big and small.

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Current irrigation system not handling the job? The irrigation specialists at KC Sprinkler Pros can help improve its efficiency with innovative upgrades and intuitive zone adjustments. Advanced sprinkler components from industry leaders like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Rachio can turn dying sprinkler systems into irrigation powerhouses!

In addition to general system upgrades, the Pros can also replace dated controllers with wi-fi-enabled ones. These controllers monitor real-time weather data, current moisture levels, and seasonal changes to bring your landscaping the exact amount of hydration needed, not a drop more! These advanced controllers can detect malfunctions and leaks and will alert the team at KC Sprinkler Pros the moment an issue arises.


Kansas City irrigation systems typically incur the most damage during the winter if they are not properly winterized before the ground freezes.

Protect your system from freezing water damage with a professional sprinkler shutdown completed by the KC Sprinkler Pros. The team uses top-of-the-line air compressors to safely and effectively remove all the water from your system’s lines. And when spring returns, KC Sprinkler Pros can get your system started up, checked for any unseen winter damages, and properly configured for the year ahead!

No Matter How Big or How Small

KC Sprinkler Pros is Ready!

No matter how big or how small your irrigation project, KC Sprinkler Pros is ready to create a custom irrigation system solution designed to meet your property’s precise watering needs. When it comes to service, rest assured, KC Sprinkler Pro customers can be confident they’ll receive individual attention, get complete answers to each and every question about their system – and know the job is not complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.

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