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Essential sprinkler maintenance & repairs for KC home and business owners!

Irrigation Maintenance

From regular maintenance visits to complex repairs, KC Sprinkler Pros has you covered! The Pros can repair, modify, and improve traditional and two-wire systems from all manufacturers.

Regular sprinkler system maintenance to make sure it’s in proper working order will help it last a lifetime. Without routine maintenance, systems are at risk for component breakage and unseen leaks, leaving you with expensive repair costs and high water bills.

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If your system is more than a few years old, it is recommended to have a professional team complete an irrigation audit. With a thorough system inspection, KC Sprinkler Pros can identify weak points and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and performance.

Sprinkler Repair Services:

Wiring malfunctions

Leaks in lines and sprayers

Root damage

Controller malfunctions and upgrades

Faulty valve replacement

Backflow replacement

Zone reconfigurations and adjustments

Underground pipe replacement

Debris clogs in lines and sprayers

Low-pressure issues

Broken sprinkler head risers

And more!

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