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Annual winterization of an irrigation system is a crucial part of responsible sprinkler maintenance. Without it, the long-term serviceability and overall reliability of the system are put at severe risk. Water remaining in an underground sprinkler system over the winter months will expand and possibly burst pipes, crack valves, break sprayers, and more. Unfortunately, much of this damage initially remains invisible and unnoticed when the system is restarted in the spring until unusually high water bills indicate the need for costly repair fees.

Professional Sprinkler Shutdowns

Hiring a proven team of professionals for sprinkler system shutdown is the best and most reliable way to ensure a sprinkler’s functional integrity next season. While some homeowners opt to just open the drain valves and let gravity do the work, this is not a truly effective way of removing all the water from a system. Even a very small amount of remaining moisture can cause expensive damage.

The KC Sprinkler Pros use specialized equipment for all irrigation winterizations, including high-volume air compressors that can be a challenge for the average homeowner to operate. Inexpert handling can cause a break in your sprinkler system or even cause injury to yourself or others.

Professional winterization involves systematically blowing out all the water in a system zone by zone. Once that is completed, the team performs a general maintenance audit to locate any problem areas or damage suffered during the summer. Then drains and valves are checked and secured for winter.

The KC Sprinkler Pros are available to complete winterizations of both residential and commercial irrigation systems.


Schedule Your Sprinkler Shutdown Today

In the Midwest, the ground typically begins to freeze in early November, so winterization of underground sprinkler systems should occur before Halloween. The KC Sprinkler Pros’ winterization schedule fills up fast as cold weather approaches, so wise homeowners are advised to book their appointments now; most residential appointments start at $85 for up to 8 zones. Please give us a call at 816-703-9760 if you need more information on pricing.

Save time, money, and stress by having your underground sprinkler system shut down the right way with help from the KC Sprinkler Pros. Come spring, your irrigation system will be ready to start watering as soon as the ground thaws and the grass grows.

Click here to schedule your sprinkler shutdown today!