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The Best in Kansas City Irrigation for 20 years.

Sprinkler Installation

The technicians at KC Sprinkler Pros have installed thousands of traditional, multi-wire, and two-wire systems for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. Each installation begins with an in-depth consultation, an initial step that assures your new irrigation system will have all the features desired and will properly irrigate every square foot of your property.

All new irrigation system installs from KC Sprinkler Pros come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty for a hassle-free experience you can trust. The Pros only use the best-of-the-best components to build residential and commercial irrigation systems, ensuring your new system will be at peak performance for many years to come.

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Sprinkler Maintenance

From regular maintenance visits to complex repairs, KC Sprinkler Pros has you covered! The Pros can repair, modify, and improve traditional and two-wire systems from all manufacturers.

Sprinkler Repair Services:

  • Wiring malfunctions
  • Leaks in lines and sprayers
  • Root damage
  • Controller malfunctions and upgrades
  • Faulty valve replacement
  • Backflow replacement
  • Zone reconfigurations and adjustments
  • Underground pipe replacement
  • Debris clogs in lines and sprayers
  • Low-pressure issues
  • Broken sprinkler head risers
  • And more!

Essential Care

Regular sprinkler system maintenance to make sure it’s in proper working order will help it last a lifetime. Without routine maintenance, systems are at risk for component breakage and unseen leaks, leaving you with expensive repair costs and high water bills.

If your system is more than a few years old, it is recommended to have a professional team complete an irrigation audit. With a thorough system inspection, KC Sprinkler Pros can identify weak points and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and performance.

Whether your irrigation system is residential or commercial, traditional or two-wire, KC Sprinkler Pros irrigation specialists are experts at system troubleshooting, recommending cost-effective solutions, and proactively initiating preventative maintenance to extend the life of your irrigation system.

Smart Sprinkler Management Systems

To keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance, KC Sprinkler Pros offers Smart Sprinkler Management. Thanks to industry-leading Wi-Fi-enabled control systems, the Sprinkler Pros can help monitor the health of your system and make necessary adjustments to your watering schedule remotely.

Benefits of Smart Sprinkler Management:

  • Customized watering schedules to match each zones microclimate
  • Automatic seasonal and weather adjustments
  • Moisture detection technology with past and future levels accounted for so your lawn is never over or under-watered
  • Leak detection and faulty wire detection with alerts sent directly to the Sprinkler Pros

With Smart Sprinkler Management by the professionals at KC Sprinkler Pros, you can rest assured your system is working at the highest possible efficiency level – no matter the season.

HOA/Commercial Irrigation Solutions

Maintaining exceptional landscaping for your business is an essential part of creating high-quality curb appeal for your property. Even great architecture loses its sheen when fronted by browned turf and withered plantings. A professionally installed and maintained irrigation system solves this issue.

KC Sprinkler Pros provides office buildings, hotels, shopping districts, apartment complexes, HOAs, and more with reliable irrigation services – including system design and installation, repairs, upgrades, and watering schedule management.

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Two-wire Irrigation

KC Sprinkler Pros is Kansas City’s leading two-wire irrigation system team. Two-wire systems are complex – but they can provide the most cost-effective irrigation coverage for large properties with dozens of zones.

Two-wire systems require years of experience to properly install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair. KC Sprinkler Pros are experts with two-wire systems and, with 20 years of experience, no one understands them better. If you have a two-wire system that needs repair or you are curious if a two-wire system is the right choice for your property, call KC Sprinkler Pros today.

No Matter How Big or How Small

KC Sprinkler Pros is Ready!

No matter how big or how small your irrigation project, KC Sprinkler Pros is ready to create a custom irrigation system solution designed to meet your property’s precise watering needs. When it comes to service, rest assured, KC Sprinkler Pro customers can be confident they’ll receive individual attention, get complete answers to each and every question about their system – and know the job is not complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.

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