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Professional Irrigation Winterizations

Kansas City sprinkler systems typically incur the most damage during the winter if they are not properly winterized before the ground freezes.

Protect your sprinkler from costly winter damages with a professional sprinkler shutdown from the KC Sprinkler Pros! Don’t wait – schedule you’re winterization appointment with the Pros today!

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The KC Sprinkler Pros can properly winterize underground watering systems of all types and sizes, even if you had another irrigation company complete the installation.

Irrigation systems are big investments and it is critical to have them professionally winterized to protect your system from unseen damage. The KC Sprinkler Pros use commercial-grade air compressors to safely and effectively remove all water from a system. Even the smallest amount left behind can freeze and result in costly repair bills to replace burst pipes, busted sprayers, and failed valves. Winterizing your sprinklers means that come spring, your system will be ready to start right up as soon as the ground thaws.

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